Nick Roznowski

Personal Chef


About The Chef


Nicholas was born in Petoskey, MI and spent most of his time outside, in the woods and on the beach.  When he was seven, he moved to Boulder, CO and would spend most summers in Michigan and winters in the Colorado mountains.  His love for cooking started at a young age, helping his mother and grandmother in the kitchen. Nick’s first job in a kitchen started when he was 16, his passion for cooking and good local food led him to work in several fine dining restaurants in the Denver and Boulder area.  Upon moving back to Northern Michigan he continued his culinary journey with American Spoon Cafe. Nicholas has always believed that fresh, in season, local ingredients are necessary in creating the most beautiful, delicious meals. He believes that cooking brings people together, it’s his way of caring for those around him.  Nick has created COOP as an avenue to put his passion and creativity for cooking into every meal provided for his clients.